Kenyan Artists: 1. Andrew McNaughton

In my opinion, all artists are gods. They have the ability to create beauty out of nothing, to design marvels from useless matter. It is for this reason I am and will always be in awe of Andrew McNaughton.

Andrew is a Kenyan artist whose art pieces are created from old, discarded things found on the beach of Watamu off the Kenyan coast. I had the honor of meeting him today at the Diani Gallery where his exhibition is currently showing until 16th January. Most of his work comprises of recycled flip flops among other materials. I present his work starting with my favourite piece, the lion he designed for the Pride of Kenya parade by the Born Free Foundation.

1. The Pride of Kenya

2.  An Eye For a Tooth, December 2011

3. Apple-ication December 2011

4. Getting Shirty December 2011

5. The Ball

6. Chrysanthenium December 2011

7. Aqua Marine Debris September 2011

8. Concentricity

9. Cremlin Finial August 2011

1o. Do You Have a Light?

11. Entanglement December 2011

12. Flower Pot Stand December 2011

13. Furniture

14. Las Vegas December 2011

15. Light Bulb

16. Lord of The Rings October 2011

17.  Love Box Two September 2011

18. Mahoganika November 2011

19. Naughty McShorty December 2010

20. Paul Smith November 2011

21. Peep Show, November 2011

22. Roll Me Over, June 2010

23. Rubber Garden, January 2010

24. Rush of Brushes to the Sea November 2011


25. Silver Tusker, December 2011

26. Spin Me Around December 2010

27. The Beetle

28. The Eye

29. Tusker Time for Two Bar Set November 2011

30. Undulations, December 2011



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