Cafesserie Maisons de Qualité: Mombasa’s Trendiest Café

Mombasa has a vibrant restaurant scene of which there are a few I like. These are Tarboush (Swahili Restaurant), Barka (Swahili Restaurant), Blue Room (Swahili Restaurant), Cafe Mocha (Lebanese Restaurant), Just Drinks (Continental Restaurant/Bar) and Il Covo (Italian Bar/Restaurant). There are a couple of places down in Diani (South coast) which appeal to me too.

I am happy to add Cafesserie Mombasa to this list. Located in Nyali at the City Mall, it is new, stylish and ideal for an afternoon cup of coffee. The high ceiling gives a unique touch to the spacious restaurant. An outdoor section allows the client to enjoy the coastal breeze while having a meal…The management is quite warm and hospitable. Do stop by the next time you’re in Mombasa.

I went to Cafesserie twice. The first time I had the Niçoise salad….

The second time I had the Spaghetti Cabonara

Here are more pictures of the Café…..


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