The White T-Shirt Party: Awesome Event :-)

Its 2:00 am on Tuesday morning…I think I am almost fully recovered after the White T-Shirt Party on Saturday. That was officially the first event where I felt overwhelmed since I started hosting parties two years ago in Nairobi. When we started out at Cafe Des Arts a while back, the turn out would be roughly 200 to 300 people. We had over 1000 people at the Tree House on Saturday which I consider a huge complement.

Here is how it went…

The theme was simple. Everyone turns up in a white T-Shirt after which we proceed to write on any T-shirt in sight. The writings are pretty mellow at the beginning of the evening, and this slowly degenerates into the most outrageous words by the end of the night. These were my favourite T-shirts 🙂

I went shopping for the perfect dress for the evening earlier in the week, only to have my friends mad at me. They said the dress I had in mind was not to be ruined by letting the party goers scribble on it. I had no choice but to find another unsuspecting dress for the occassion. Here is the dress I did not wear 🙂

The dress I eventually wore…

What was amazing was the level of enthusiasm for the party. Even with a theme so simple, Miah was keen on having a special T-Shirt 🙂

The final product 🙂

And the morning after the party (we got home at 8:00 am)

X was focused on the theme too 🙂

Standby for a slideshow of the party coming soon 🙂


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