February 2012: The Sexy Sportswear Party At The Tree House, Nairobi

Watering Holes

You know it is a great party when it takes you two days to recover 🙂 This was thanks to the party I hosted over the weekend at the Tree House, the Sexy, Sportswear Party. It was splendid! We had a massive turn out and the music was fantastic! Rob, a dear friend was kind enough to let me wear his biking gear….

Everyone was to turn up in something sporty for the evening… Here are the pictures 🙂

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Three Minutes with Liberian Model Daniel Akeem

African Models

Apart from the beauty we have abundantly in Africa, raw talent is also present. I had the pleasure of speaking to one talented man, male model Daniel Akeem from Liberia. I first came across him when I was compiling a list of 1000 African models.

The Chronicles of An African Girl:  How did you get into modeling?

Daniel: I don’t have a typical fairytale story about being discovered by a model scout on the streets of New York. The story of how I got into modeling started with a regular picture I took for facebook. I posted the image and a friend of mine said “you look like a model”. What she said made me give modeling a try. I did, and since then I’ve been doing my thing. Thanks Suegathai Kai for that comment.

The Chronicles of An African Girl: What work have you done so far?

Daniel: Some shows I have done include The Cheetah Outreach’s Hampton’s Fundraiser fashion show, and The Mama Africa Program fashion show. Additionally, I have walked for Sarfo Of Styles (Official designer for Miss Ghana), Virtuous Queen Fashions, Jason Troisi (Project Runway designer, season8), and William Witherspoon Collections in his Harlem Super Heroes fashion show.  I’m looking forward to my next show on the 19th of February for LaVie Clothing Co.

The Chronicles of An African Girl: What challenges have you faced thus far?

Daniel: I face the same challenge most black/african models face. Most shows have less than a hand full of black/african models.  So the chance to get booked is very competitive.

The Chronicles of An African Girl: What advice would you give other African men seeking to model?

Daniel: Sit in the sun for hours until u are extremely dark because this industry loves dark skin models. Lol that was a joke…  If anyone of my African brothers are seeking to model the best advice I can give is be humble, hardworking, and passionate.

The Chronicles of An African Girl: In your spare time, what do you enjoy doing?

Daniel: In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, watching/playing sports, and sharing my life with love ones.

The Chronicles of An African Girl: How can potential clients reach you?

Daniel: Facebook.com/akeemville, twitter.com/akeemville, akeemville@gmail.com, and through my agency email: chasemodelsny@gmail.com

French Manicure with Andie


Last Saturday Andie convinced me to meet her at The Village Market for a surpriese manicure. We stepped into Nama’s Nail Boutique and had our hands pampered. I loved every second of it!

This is how mine were done:

Step 1. Fitting the tips

Step 2: Trimming the tips to the desired length.

Step 3: Filing the tips

Step 4: Applying the nail coating

Step 5: Wait for it to dry then apply the sealing coat

Step 6: UV light exposure to give the lasting shine

Step 7: Last touch up

Finally! 🙂


African Jewellery 1: Beads Byaree

African Jewellery

I am a massive fan of African jewellery. I became more keen after I started growing my locks. Beads Byaree have hit my spot. Their jewelley is simply put, bewitching. Areeayl Yoseefaw Goodwin is the creative deisigner behind Beads Byaree. She is based in Washington DC. Areeayl spent wome time in Ghana hence the African influence on the earrings.

Here are a couple of their designs:

1000 African Models

African Models

I think the most beautiful people are from Africa. If my list of 1000 African models does not convince you then I dont know what will! Here are the first few…

1. Iman (Somalia)

Somali born Iman has been called the priestess of style…

2. Aziza Amar-Aigbe (Nigeria)

6″1″ Aziza was the second runner up at the 2010 Mr. Nigeria peagant.

3. Samar Khoury (DRC)

Samar was born in Democratic Republic of Congo to a Lebanese Father and a Congolese mother.

4. Ngoli Onyeka Okafor (Nigeria)

Nigeria’s Ngoli has appeared in more than a dozen issues of Men’s Health Magazine, produced two best-selling calendars and has been featured in publications ranging from Vogue and W to ESPN and Fortune. He is a professional boxer.

5. Makafui Ninkcabs (Ghana)

Ghanaian born Makafui is not only a model but also an upcoming actress. She played a role in a TV Series ‘Voetbal Vrouwen III’ aired in the Netherlands and Belgium.

6. Joelle Kayembe (Congo)

Congolese-born South African model Joelle is best known for her role as a suitcase model in the game show Deal Or No Deal (SA). Kayembe has also appeared in Ludacris’s Pimpin All Over The World music video.

7. Daniel Akeem Collins (Liberia)

8. Felivian Adombila Ayariga (Ghana)

9. Salieu Jalloh (Sierra-Leon)

Salieu has worked with major companies from Sean John to United Colors of Benenton

10. Liz Ogumbo (Kenya)

Liz is a model, singer, business woman and a friend. I love her presence. You will know when Liz is in close proximity.

11. David Agbodji (Togo)

David is a model from Togo. He has worked with Calvin Klein and Sean John among other top brands.

12. Lina Ezrz (Kenya)

Without a doubt one of the most stunning women from Kenya, Lina is a model, actress and a close friend of many years.

13. Flaviana Matata

Flaviana is a striking beauty from Tanzania. She has modeled for the likes of Vivienne Westwood.

14. Ayan Elmi (Somalia)

Ayan is a Somali-born Canadian resident now based in based in New York

15. Herieth Paul (Tanzania)

Herieth was born in Tanzania and  raised in Ottawa, Canada.

16. Honorine Uwera (Rwanda)

Rwanda’s Honorine is striking model who now lives in New York. She has worked with Vivienne Westwood and Issey Miyake among other well known designers.

17. Adaora Akubilo (Nigeria)

Adaora is a Nigerian-American model featured in the Sports Illustrated’s 2012 Swuimsuit Edition.

18. Feyijimi Sodipo (Nigeria)

Feyijimi was crowned as the winner of the 2011 Miss Nigeria competition.She has a passion for learning new languages and cultures, she currently speaks 4 languages Yoruba, Hausa, English and fluent German.

February 2012 Birthday…..

My Events

I have been offline for a little bit. I blame this on the extended impromptu birthday I had. So I began a new decade on 8th of February (Wednesday last week). My plan was to go about my business during the day then get some sleep in the evening and then wake up on Thursday morning a day older. So all that did not happen.

The first birthday text came in at Midnight from X and the first call friom Simon at 1:00 am. I woke up later in the morning and was promptly kidnapped by the girls only to be pampered all day. We sped off to the Farouk’s Salon at the mall and went through the entire process…

I had my hair washed and styled by Victor…

The nails were done too….

As were my few eyebrows 🙂

We then went shopping for something to wear in the evening…and then we went to the Tree House.

My twin brother graced us with his presence later in the evening. My birthday presents were lovely! I cant wait to try our all the perfume scents (Issey Miyaki comes to the forefront of my thoughts, thanks Mo!)…

African Products 4: Just Art Magazine

African Products I Adore

The reason I am officially a fan of Just @rt is simple. I share their sentiments on Africa:

“More frequent than not, the African voice is the most silent one when it comes to positive and inspirational stories. This continent is many a times depicted as a minefield of morbid, horrid, negative stories despite its richness in resilience, beauty and dynamic cultural heritage.

Just@rt is an online magazine out to tell the African story through the continent’s vibrant and dynamic arts and culture. This e-magazine is fresh, creative, dynamic and seeks to showcase untold stories and inspire a true experience and journey into the world of Africa’s arts and Culture.

Follow then on twitter, facebook and their website 🙂


Wicked Weekend 1: Friday 3rd February – Monday 6th February 2012

Wicked Weekends in Africa

One of the best things about living in Africa is the spontaneous way of life. One moment you are at home at 11pm watching TV and exactly twenty minutes later you are attending an electrifying party which of course you never saw coming (Quoting Mo). Here is a step by step account of one such weekend for me 🙂

Friday 6:00 pm

I am slightly nervous. I meet the big boss today to tell him why I am the most ideal person to market his brand new club, The Tree House. Luckily I have just held an exciting party at the end of January as a test run. We hosted approximately 1000 people, therefore I will let the numbers speak.

Friday 7:00 pm

I am at the Tree House waiting for Joseph to wrap up preperations for the Nneka Concert tomorrow evening. What is really cool is that they have set up an entire stage within the centre of the club. Awesome!

Friday 9:00 pm

The big man, Joseph and I are seated having dinner at the head office. The rare salmon steak is beautifully done and the pasta has an interesting spicy twist to it. After much discussion, I am now the head of marketing for The Tree House. Here is our Facebook page and Blog. Standby for the Website and Twitter coming soon!

Friday 11:00 pm

My phone was on silent mode throughout the meeting. I stepped out to find 17 missed calls….Lord I love Fridays 🙂

Saturday 12:00 am

All the girls are all dressed up and good to go. We get to Gypsies and head straight for the dancefloor where we proceed to break it down… At some point Simon decides to have another epic BBQ at his new house. We are definitely in!

Saturday 1:00 am

All roads lead to The Tree House where we stay for the rest of the night.

Saturday 5:00 am

We are done for the night. We head home for some beauty sleep, of course looking forward to Simon’s BBQ and the Nneka concert.

Saturday 12:00 pm

X, Y and I are up. We proceed to Village Market for a quick bite and catching up session on last nights events. I had the Lamb strips from Prime Cuts. Thats some amazing meat right there..

Saturday 4:00 pm

We grab some drinks and walk into Simon’s place on Brookside. The usual suspects are already there. Kenny is our designated DJ and he does a fantastic job. In no time we are jamming to Fat Man Scoop and Marilyn Manson.

Saturday 6:00 pm

The girls drop off, I run home to change and get ready for dinner with Caremi.

Saturday 7:00 pm

Caremi and I are seated in Anghiti, my favourite Indian restaurant in Nairobi. Their mutton rhoghanjosh is beautiful.

Saturday 9:00 pm

Caremi and I recieve our VIP tags at the entrance of Tree House for the Nneka concert. Here are some pictures of Nneka on stage performing by Kenyan photographer Tim Mwaura.

Sunday 12:00 am

The concert has ended and Nneka’s soulful voice still haunts me. We hang out at The Tree House and listen to DJ Zelalem’s mix as the night goes on.

Sunday 2:30 am

The entire crew has relocated to The Cool Out Party on Peponi Road. My friend Jean Marie is one of the DJs. DJCortega is in the house too. I join them after wrapping up at Tree House.

Sunday 4:00 am

We the insomniacs walk into Gypsies for the last drink of the night.

Sunday 6:00 am

Still sleepless, a bunch of us decided to stop by Mercury for the very last drink 🙂 Shots were compulsory 🙂

Sunday 7:00 am

So when it all comes down to it only Alexandra and I are the baddest. We are the last ones standing at dawn. She appropriately suggests breakfast before heading to bed. We go a tiny Indian vegetarian restaurant tucked away somewhere in Parklands..

Sunday 8:30 am

We eventually get home and pass out.

Sunday 1:00 pm

Y, Alexandra and I are up and running. We get to Village for lunch. While eating, Michele sends a text letting us know that she was having an impropmtu BBQ at her place. We bumped into Mickey and Andy.

Sunday 2:30 pm

Alexandra, Y, Mickey, Andy and I are at Michele’s backyard hanging out.

Sunday 7:00 pm

We all agree to freshen up and meet up at Sarabi, the rooftop lounge at the Sankara Hotel for a quiet Sunday evening drink. I could not resist taking a picture of Michele’s apron on the way out.

Sunday 10:00pm

We are all gathered at Sarabi for a chilled out evening… Miah joined us a little later.

Monday 2:00 am

We are on the way to watch the 2012 Super Bowl with some friends 🙂

Monday 6:30 am

I walk into my apartment completely exhausted. I have to be up by 11:00 am for my first meeting 😦

See you all next weekend when another wicked weekend pops up in Nairobi….

African Products 3: Kenya Arts Diary 2012 (Kenya)

African Products I Adore

One of my new year’s resolution was to organize my year better. Yes, It is the most recurring resolution I have ever had 🙂 For this reason I always purchase a diary/organizer.

I have always bought diaries based on the cover and the paper quality. I first spotted the Kenya Arts Diary in 2011 with my French friend, Bridie. I thought it was fascinating. It was vibrant, well put together and the quality was splendid. The Diary was assembled by an all-volunteer team of Kenyan art lovers who believe that Kenyan art only needs more visibility for it to be recognized as one of the most exciting and thriving art worlds on the planet right now. When I saw the 2012 edition, I had to have it!

Here is an excerpt of the concept behind the Kenya Arts Diary from the African Colours website. The piece was written by Andrew Njoroge.

“The Kenya Arts Diary 2012 features the works of over 60 contemporary artists living and working in Kenya. The Diary has 152 full-colour pages with:

• One week per double-page spread, giving plenty of space to write and make notes
• One artist per double-page spread, with contacts for every artist featured
• An extra section of blank pages to collect thoughts and ideas
• Contacts for galleries, institutions and sponsors of the arts in Kenya
To make your order, email info@africancolours.com or africancolours@gmail.com. You can also call +254721951278 or +254720585796