African Products 2: Mille Collines (Rwanda)

I first heard about Mille Collines in June 2010 when my friend Luca mentioned that his friend Marc Oliver was moving to Nairobi to set up a store. I eventually had the pleasure of meeting Marc, a pleasant, down to earth man with a passion for good music 🙂

Fast forward to today and Mille Collines has successfully opened a store at the Village Market and is in the process of  setting up their second store in Nyali, Mombasa at the City Mall.

Mille Collines was founded in 2008 when Marc Oliver and Inés Cuatrecasas collaborated and launched their brand in Kigali, Rwanda. Since then they have managed to introduce their beautiful outfits  to Nairobi and hopefully the rest of the world

Here are some of their designs:

I stopped by the Village Market Branch today for a few minutes….Here’s what it looks like:

Website: Milles Collines


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