African Products 3: Kenya Arts Diary 2012 (Kenya)

One of my new year’s resolution was to organize my year better. Yes, It is the most recurring resolution I have ever had 🙂 For this reason I always purchase a diary/organizer.

I have always bought diaries based on the cover and the paper quality. I first spotted the Kenya Arts Diary in 2011 with my French friend, Bridie. I thought it was fascinating. It was vibrant, well put together and the quality was splendid. The Diary was assembled by an all-volunteer team of Kenyan art lovers who believe that Kenyan art only needs more visibility for it to be recognized as one of the most exciting and thriving art worlds on the planet right now. When I saw the 2012 edition, I had to have it!

Here is an excerpt of the concept behind the Kenya Arts Diary from the African Colours website. The piece was written by Andrew Njoroge.

“The Kenya Arts Diary 2012 features the works of over 60 contemporary artists living and working in Kenya. The Diary has 152 full-colour pages with:

• One week per double-page spread, giving plenty of space to write and make notes
• One artist per double-page spread, with contacts for every artist featured
• An extra section of blank pages to collect thoughts and ideas
• Contacts for galleries, institutions and sponsors of the arts in Kenya
To make your order, email or You can also call +254721951278 or +254720585796

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