Wicked Weekend 1: Friday 3rd February – Monday 6th February 2012

One of the best things about living in Africa is the spontaneous way of life. One moment you are at home at 11pm watching TV and exactly twenty minutes later you are attending an electrifying party which of course you never saw coming (Quoting Mo). Here is a step by step account of one such weekend for me πŸ™‚

Friday 6:00 pm

I am slightly nervous. I meet the big boss today to tell him why I am the most ideal person to market his brand new club, The Tree House. Luckily I have just held an exciting party at the end of January as a test run. We hosted approximately 1000 people, therefore I will let the numbers speak.

Friday 7:00 pm

I am at the Tree House waiting for Joseph to wrap up preperations for the Nneka Concert tomorrow evening. What is really cool is that they have set up an entire stage within the centre of the club. Awesome!

Friday 9:00 pm

The big man, Joseph and I are seated having dinner at the head office. The rare salmon steak is beautifully done and the pasta has an interesting spicy twist to it. After much discussion, I am now the head of marketing for The Tree House. Here is our Facebook page and Blog. Standby for the Website and Twitter coming soon!

Friday 11:00 pm

My phone was on silent mode throughout the meeting. I stepped out to find 17 missed calls….Lord I love Fridays πŸ™‚

Saturday 12:00 am

All the girls are all dressed up and good to go. We get to Gypsies and head straight for the dancefloor where we proceed to break it down… At some point Simon decides to have another epic BBQ at his new house. We are definitely in!

Saturday 1:00 am

All roads lead to The Tree House where we stay for the rest of the night.

Saturday 5:00 am

We are done for the night. We head home for some beauty sleep, of course looking forward to Simon’s BBQ and the Nneka concert.

Saturday 12:00 pm

X, Y and I are up. We proceed to Village Market for a quick bite and catching up session on last nights events. I had the Lamb strips from Prime Cuts. Thats some amazing meat right there..

Saturday 4:00 pm

We grab some drinks and walk into Simon’s place on Brookside. The usual suspects are already there. Kenny is our designated DJ and he does a fantastic job. In no time we are jamming to Fat Man Scoop and Marilyn Manson.

Saturday 6:00 pm

The girls drop off, I run home to change and get ready for dinner with Caremi.

Saturday 7:00 pm

Caremi and I are seated in Anghiti, my favourite Indian restaurant in Nairobi. Their mutton rhoghanjosh is beautiful.

Saturday 9:00 pm

Caremi and I recieve our VIP tags at the entrance of Tree House for the Nneka concert. Here are some pictures of Nneka on stage performing by Kenyan photographer Tim Mwaura.

Sunday 12:00 am

The concert has ended and Nneka’s soulful voice still haunts me. We hang out at The Tree House and listen to DJ Zelalem’s mix as the night goes on.

Sunday 2:30 am

The entire crew has relocated to The Cool Out Party on Peponi Road. My friend Jean Marie is one of the DJs. DJCortega is in the house too. I join them after wrapping up at Tree House.

Sunday 4:00 am

We the insomniacs walk into Gypsies for the last drink of the night.

Sunday 6:00 am

Still sleepless, a bunch of us decided to stop by Mercury for the very last drink πŸ™‚ Shots were compulsory πŸ™‚

Sunday 7:00 am

So when it all comes down to it only Alexandra and I are the baddest. We are the last ones standing at dawn. She appropriately suggests breakfast before heading to bed. We go a tiny Indian vegetarian restaurant tucked away somewhere in Parklands..

Sunday 8:30 am

We eventually get home and pass out.

Sunday 1:00 pm

Y, Alexandra and I are up and running. We get to Village for lunch. While eating, Michele sends a text letting us know that she was having an impropmtu BBQ at her place. We bumped into Mickey and Andy.

Sunday 2:30 pm

Alexandra, Y, Mickey, Andy and I are at Michele’s backyard hanging out.

Sunday 7:00 pm

We all agree to freshen up and meet up at Sarabi, the rooftop lounge at the Sankara Hotel for a quiet Sunday evening drink. I could not resist taking a picture of Michele’s apron on the way out.

Sunday 10:00pm

We are all gathered at Sarabi for a chilled out evening… Miah joined us a little later.

Monday 2:00 am

We are on the way to watch the 2012 Super Bowl with some friends πŸ™‚

Monday 6:30 am

I walk into my apartment completely exhausted. I have to be up by 11:00 am for my first meeting 😦

See you all next weekend when another wicked weekend pops up in Nairobi….


2 thoughts on “Wicked Weekend 1: Friday 3rd February – Monday 6th February 2012

  1. Great post! My comments… 1) Why must I have crazy eyes in photos? 2) I’m very jealous that you guys got to watch the superbowl! 3) Can’t wait to get back to Nairobi and have some more FUN!!!

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