February 2012 Birthday…..

I have been offline for a little bit. I blame this on the extended impromptu birthday I had. So I began a new decade on 8th of February (Wednesday last week). My plan was to go about my business during the day then get some sleep in the evening and then wake up on Thursday morning a day older. So all that did not happen.

The first birthday text came in at Midnight from X and the first call friom Simon at 1:00 am. I woke up later in the morning and was promptly kidnapped by the girls only to be pampered all day. We sped off to the Farouk’s Salon at the mall and went through the entire process…

I had my hair washed and styled by Victor…

The nails were done too….

As were my few eyebrows 🙂

We then went shopping for something to wear in the evening…and then we went to the Tree House.

My twin brother graced us with his presence later in the evening. My birthday presents were lovely! I cant wait to try our all the perfume scents (Issey Miyaki comes to the forefront of my thoughts, thanks Mo!)…


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