Delightful Tuesdays in Nairobi….

There are those days when you wake up in a splendid mood, only to end up in bed in an even better place because of how great your day was. Tuesday 29th March 2012 was such a day for me, partly because of the company in was keeping. I met them all out of sheer coincidence…

Just before boarding the plane in Mombasa, I bumped into Vanuza (from Mozambique but currently working in Kenya). I adore this girl. Her presence always makes me smile 🙂 Right next to her was Liz Ogumbo, a lovely Kenyan model, designer and up coming musician. Her website displays more of her vast talents. She is also the dynamic brains behind House of Imani.

Liz’s debut album Kensoul is available on iTunes. You can also follow her YouTube channel.

Later that evening we walked into Onami to have dinner. Who strolls in other than the only Buddha Blaze. Blaze is involved in projects which promote culture, hip hop and the youth in Kenya. He is also the force behind WaPi and Spark Africa. He has a blog and is very active on twitter.  The man has a good sense of humour 🙂

After dinner, our crew increases in number thanks to Coxy, Lino, Moha, Kenny, JMB, Fahad and Lina. Kenny suggests that we should link up with Dj Zelalem who was hanging out at Pitch & Butch. Zelalem plays a mix of Electro Funk, Soulful House & Afrobeat. He is also amazing in the kitchen.

While at Pitch & Butch, I came across The number one hypeman DNG who was as charming as always. The one thing that stands out about DNG is the fact that despite all his years spent in the frontline of the Kenyan entertainment scene, he has somehow managed to maintain that down to earth pleasant personality that most celebrities lack in the long run. He has his own entertainment company, 254 Entertainment which specializes in Event Management, PR & Advertisng as well as Audio-Visual Production.

Coxy, Lina and Moha were in a good place when I came back and joined them after mingling. Good Times!


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