Afrochic Hotel in Diani…..A must visit for all who adore the coast.

This is the first piece I am writing while still on my Easter break at the coast. When X stumbled (literally) upon Stephan the man behind Afrochic, she introduced me and we both got that warm feeling which accompanies a friend crush (a term Caitlin coined three years ago). You have a friend crush on someone when you meet them for the first time and you get along so well its scary. At the end of our first encounter, Stephan arranged a tour for us to the exclusive Afrochic Hotel. Here is how our day went!

The Ocean View of Afrochic Hotel

The Main Entrance of Afrochic Hotel

The Common Areas


The Rooms

After the lovely tour, we had the pleasure of enjoying lunch by the beach… Our starter were samosas which we enjoyed immensely. My favourite were the prawn Samosas.

Stephan serving the Samosas with Ian in the background

Prawn Samosas 🙂

Our main course included chicken….

Fish cooked in coconut rice and wrapped in banana leaves….


And more fish….


The staff was very warm and friendly..

Derrick and Shabbir were part of the group that visited the hotel…

Ian and I having a chat. X was hiding somewhere…… 🙂


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