The Lock and Key Party at The Tree House, Museum Hill, Nairobi

In the two and a half years I have been hosting parties, none has been as emotional for me as the Lock and Key Party I hosted last Friday. All was going as planned until 5:00 pm Friday evening. The skies opened with a vengeance. If you have never lived in Nairobi, here is a glimpse of how Nairobi gets with the slightest drizzle… The traffic is impossible!

A 10 minute drive can easily turn into 4 hours. The plan for the party was pretty simple: the guys get the locks while girls get the keys after which guests look for the matching lock and key combination. The winning pairs would get a bottle of wine (we had 200 bottles to give away).

It was an overwhelming feeling when 800 of our friends turned up for the party. We had such an amazing time! Here is how it went 🙂


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