Dessertful Sundays…. The Italian Way.

Wicked Weekends in Africa

The girls and I were invited to Ash and Rita’s house out in Karen for a sunday afternoon session of dessert tasting. Rita’s friends from Sicily, Italy wanted feedback on their range of cakes before officially setting up shop in Nairobi later this year. All the cakes were baked in Rita’s kitchen earlier that day.

What we were not ready for was the feast Rita had prepared for us prior to dessert. The food had a heavy Sicilian influence, a fact all the guests appreciated…

First came the cream fish starter which was lovely…

Then came the hot, spicy olives…

Follwed by the rice balls..

And then meat balls..

And finally meat balls in tomato sauce…

Our main course comprised of four different types of Lasagna. My favorite was the mushroom Lasagna which I still dream of to this day 🙂

The other three lasagnas we had were the eggplant lasagna..

The rice lasagna…

And I can’t seem to recall the name of this one…

As the rest of the guests were enjoying the amazing food, Rita sneaked me into the kitchen where the Sicilian ladies were putting the final touch on dessert…

The final product…

After the divine lunch, the dessert was brought out for our sampling pleasure…

All in all we had a lovely afternoon 🙂

For enquiries about the cakes or outside catering, call Rita on +254705338009


4th of July Party in Nairobi…..Wicked House Party!

Akinyi's Exclusive Moments

Yesterday we celebrated the American independence day in Nairobi with an epic mid-week fourth of July house party 🙂 The dress code was red blue and white….

Unfortunately I had one of those crazy hectic days so I did not get a chance to change 😦 Hence the improvisation…

One of the things that caught my attention was Elena’s rum watermelon 🙂

I love the concept 🙂 From what I hear the watermelon content was loved by all who tasted it 🙂

Another cool Elena item was her belt 🙂

DJ Roger was in the house…. 🙂

There was tonnes of food. And how can it be called a party if there is no cake!

All in all we had a lovely fourth of July 2012…..

Zapata Mexican Restaurant, Westlands, Nairobi

Akinyi's Exclusive Moments

And here it is, a description of our lunch at Zapata, the first official Mexican Restaurant in Nairobi. Previously, if you wanted to try some mexican food, you would have to look at a tiny section of the menu at Havana or Sohos in Westlands. Now there’s an entire restaurant ready to be explored 🙂

Lucy, the restaurant’s head of marketing invited Miranda, Jean Michel and I thanks to Monica (Identity Partner) for lunch. Zapata is open for business but are in the testing stage. Eventually they will have their grand opening.

I must apologize for the picture quality. I got my fabulous camera a few days after this lunch. I used Miranda’s iPhone to document our culinary journey…..

To kick start the lunch we had the cream corn soup which really good (as you can see I remembered to take a picture when I was halfway through it)

Then came our main course which was chicken fajitas accompanied with beans.

I believe these are the first corn tortillas I have had in Nairobi. All other restaurants serve flour tortillas…..

We must have gone through 5 baskets of these lovely tortilla chips….

Our dessert was ice cream and pie. The reason my ice cream is partly melted is because I was still getting over my surprise after meeting the chef, Omar from Mexico….

At a very tender age of 23, Omar has 7 years of cooking experience and is very excited about working in Nairobi.

Here are more pictures of Zapata.

As always we had fun 🙂

Lucy’s email is: and Zapata is located on Chiromo Lane, Parklands Plaza, Ground Floor. They are open from 12:00pm till midnight. Do let me know if you get a chance to check it out!

My New Toy…… The Canon 1100D…. So excited!

My Phography

I have always been fascinated by photography. My first camera was th 350D Canon which I bought off Anastasia. It served me well, and I am sad to pass it on to Andy, but such is life.

Ana taking a picture of us using the 350D in 2010


I picked up my new baby, the 1100D on Saturday. It was fantastic testing it at the InterNations get together that evening, then Kristen’s birthday party and finally at the Tree House (Pictures coming soon…)