White Elephant….. The Destination for My Next Party on The Beach in Malindi

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of White Elephant in Malindi to discuss the possibility of having an epic party under the coastal sun…soon. Mr. Armando Tanzini flew us down to the coast and was a gracious host to my friends and I. As a result we completely fell in love with the stunning hotel.

Two things make White Elephant unique. One is the fact that Armando himself designed every single piece of furniture in the Hotel. The second fact is you can actually purchase any item you like during your stay at the hotel, be it the lamp stand or the table or even the bed (Yes, I did fall deeply in love with a certain Swahili Bed..)

We were accommodated in the three bedroom furnished apartments of the hotel. This is the bedroom I spent the nights in.

This is the third bedroom in the apartment…

Behold, the bathroom…

And the living room…

And finally, the balcony…

The next day, we got a tour of the rest of the hotel rooms… This is what the deluxe room looks like:

The deluxe bathroom…

Presenting the double room…

And the triple room…

Here are a few pictures of the grounds, some of them showing Armando’s outdoor sculptures….

I shall definitely frequent Malindi. Do send me an email with your thoughts 🙂 akinyiadongo@gmail.com


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