Kaldis, A New Entry in The Nairobi Coffee House Market

Once every two weeks I head down to Kimathi Street in Nairobi’s Central Business District to get my locks twisted by Steve, the best loctitian (Yes, this is a legit title) in Kenya. On the way out of the salon I run into Amar and Eli, two of the coolest people I know. They are so cool that if they are hanging out somewhere, it deserves to be mentioned, Kaldis Coffee House..


Kaldis opened its doors about a month ago. The have a good menu and decent prices.


As is the norm I had my usual hot chocolate and carrot cake 🙂


The carrot cake was good. It was moist enough and not too heavy. I definitely heading back there in two weeks time 🙂


For more information, email info@kaldisafrica.com or have a look at their facebook page


11 thoughts on “Kaldis, A New Entry in The Nairobi Coffee House Market

  1. OMG!!! I was looking up their contacts on the web so I can order in from the office and I found this! I did not even know you write! Lovely pictures too. And aaaaawwww the things you say about me!

  2. I love the ambiance and decor of the place, however their house coffee was not as good, was there a few weeks after they opened hopefully they have improved on this

  3. Hi, John, thank you for your observation. We have worked on improving our coffee and believe it will now meet your standards. Please drop in give it try and give us your comments. Thanks Kaldis Coffee House

  4. I love love love coffee and cake too! as much as i bake …I enjoy treating myself once in a while outdoors…have visited all coffee houses in town..this is my next mission…menu please 🙂

  5. Was introduced to Kaldis last month. I’ve been to several coffee houses and this compares well with another. I love the extras, Wi-Fi, background music, the plug ins for gadgets and yes, the Mocha was on point! And the ambience tooo. Keep it up!

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