Maquis, A Generous Bar/Restaurant in the Heart of Bujumbura

Our charming Bujumbura host Rudy suggested that we should stop by Maquis for dinner on Wednesday night.

1 Maquis Akinyi Adongo

We strolled in and got a table at the back near the bar. There is an option of sitting down for dinner or drinks upstairs.

Maquis Entrance

2 Maquis Akinyi Adongo

Maquis Bar

3 Maquis Akinyi Adongo

We each ordered a different dish. To our surprise, the portions that we received were enough to feed an army. Now I’m a curvy girl with a decent appetite, but none of us were able to remotely finish our food.  Matteo’s chicken and chips (below) actually came on a tray, not a plate.

4 Maquis Akinyi Adongo

Rudy had the foil wrapped baked fish…

5 Maquis Akinyi Adongo 6 Maquis Akinyi Adongo 7 Maquis Akinyi Adongo

I had the spinach and mushroom fish…

8 Maquis Akinyi Adongo 9 Maquis Akinyi Adongo

Shrina ordered the chicken in mushroom sauce which turned to be quite chewy…

10 Maquis Akinyi Adongo

Stef had the grilled fish and chips…

12 Maquis Akinyi Adongo

Grilled Spicy Chicken

11 Maquis Akinyi Adongo

Our dining experience was pleasant mainly because of the lively company on the dinner table. I place this restaurant sixth out of the six restaurants we frequented in Bujumbura. The general consensus on the table was that the chicken was tough, the french fries were ok and the service could have been better.


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