African Pillar 2: The Charming Kenyan/Ghanaian Kwame Osei Bonsu…

A couple of months back I was called in for a meeting with a team which was keen on hosting an event at a venue I was associated with back then. Upon walking into the meeting I was fascinated by a certain young man whose heritage was unclear to me. When you have lived in Africa long enough you can tell where a person is from simply by looking at them. Their height, complexion, jawline among other things will instantly tell you about their roots….but not Kwame.

10 Kwame Bonsu by Jim Chuchu

After the meeting, he introduced himself to me personally and from the name I knew he was proudly Ghanaian. After exchanging a few words is when I found out he is part Ghanaian, part Kenyan and all beautiful 🙂

11 Kwame Bonsu Magiq Lens Kenya

I am honoured to have Kwame as my second Pillar of Africa. In my opinion, an African Pillar is an African person who in their own little way every day contributes to building Africa. In their day to day lives these African Pillars knowingly or unknowingly do their very best to further Africa’s interest. They may do this in their line of work or as a fun pastime or even out of habit.

9 Kwame Bonsu by Leon Muli

Kwame is a model, actor, musician, TV presenter and the force behind Polka Bolka, a women’s fashion house based in Nairobi. He is proud of his African ancestry and is quite a pleasant person to talk to. You can follow his interesting life on his Facebook page, Instagram (@IAmKwameBonsu), Twitter and Polka Boka page…


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