The Fascinating Birth of Those Delicious Sandstorm Bags…

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1. Sandstorm Kenya Akinyi Adongo

It is no secret that I am utterly in lust with Sandstorm Bags. If you have never laid your eyes on, or had the pleasure of touching these beautiful things, then you, my friend, are in need of guidance. 🙂

2. Sandstorm Kenya Akinyi Adongo

Picture Courtesy of ThreadMuse Culture

I made my way to Karen to meet up with Mark, the man behind Sandstorm Bags. He wanted to give us a special tour of the factory. I am hoping that he was not traumatized by my obvious excitement from the moment I leaped out of the car. 🙂

31. Sandstorm Bags Kenya Akinyi Adongo

I will do my best to retell this journey to you, my esteemed reader, as best as I can.

Let us start with a small background story.. Sandstorm initially was a luxury tent manufacturer for various safari camps in Kenya. At some point, they decided to venture into other luxury products, of which I think the bags stood out the most. This was a brilliant move because now Sandstorm bags are one of the most sought after Kenyan brands.

So Mark had a bit of a tough time shepherding us around the workshop. We kept on getting ahead of ourselves, running off to different work stations, touching things we should not touch (sometimes smelling them behind his back 🙂 )

In the end, thanks to Mark’s patience, I present to you the steps that lead up to these beautiful bags.

Step 1: Sourcing Parts.

All the leather is sourced locally from Bata, Athi River or Sagana. The simple brass parts are cast by artisans locally while the technical brass parts are sourced elsewhere. The canvas material is also mostly locally sourced, with the nature of the materials allowing for different color options.

3. Sandstorm Bags Kenya Akinyi Adongo 4. Sandstorm Bags Kenya Akinyi Adongo 11. Sandstorm Bags Kenya Akinyi Adongo

Step 2: Cutting

In order to minimise material wastage, every piece of leather/canvas is planned out way in advance. Sometimes to increase efficiency more volume of materials are cut in one go.

15. Sandstorm Bags Kenya Akinyi Adongo 16. Sandstorm Bags Kenya Akinyi Adongo

The cutting is usually done by hand. Some cutting is also done using a clipper press.

Step 3: Preparation

There are certain parts that need to be glued together ahead of stitching. This is done during the preparation stage…

17. Sandstorm Bags Kenya Akinyi Adongo 18. Sandstorm Bags Kenya Akinyi Adongo 19. Sandstorm Bags Kenya Akinyi Adongo

Step 4: Stitching

This is the stage where the bag comes together. I managed to get a small clip of the process…

6. Sandstorm Bags Kenya Akinyi Adongo 7. Sandstorm Bags Kenya Akinyi Adongo 9. Sandstorm Bags Kenya Akinyi Adongo

Step 5: Burning

Well, not the whole bag… 🙂

This is the stage that gets rid of all the loose hanging threads from the stitching.

23. Sandstorm Bags Kenya Akinyi Adongo

Step 6: Quality Confirmation

Charles, the head of the quality department, makes sure that each and every bag is up to standard and is ready for you.

24. Sandstorm Bags Kenya Akinyi Adongo 27. Sandstorm Bags Kenya Akinyi Adongo

Step 7: Distribution

Once the bags are ready for the market, they head to a specific room out of which distribution to various locations takes place.

28. Sandstorm Bags Kenya Akinyi Adongo

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Sandstorm bags are born! 🙂

Seat covers are another popular product Sandstorm are known for.

Sandstorm Seat Covers 1 Sandstorm Seat Covers 2 Sandstorm Seat Covers 3 Sandstorm Seat Covers 4

Here are other interesting places you will spot Sandstorm bags..

With Diana Opoti of #‎100DaysofAfricanFashion‬

Sandstorm Diana Opoti

Kate Middleton has a sandstorm bag as an engagement present…

Sandstorm Kate Middleton

The Independent names Sandstorm’s bag as one of the ten best weekend bags here..

Independent Sandstorm Kenya Bags

The Race4Change Team Rocking Sandstorm Bags…

Race4Change Sandstorm Bag

London Fashion Week 2011

London fashion Week 2011 Sandstorm Bag

Sandstorm sells both locally and internationally, with a presence in 40 independent shops in the UK. Stop by their Website for further details on the brand and their store locations.


The Wave Nightclub In Naivasha Is Probably Kenya’s Best Nightclub…

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During the Easter weekend we decided at the last minute (4:00pm) to drive up to Naivasha. I have been quite fascinated by Naivasha in the past couple of months because every time we have gone there we have tried something new.

We still speak of The Ranch House Bistro till today, and I understand yet another cool pub/restaurant has just opened in Naivasha called The Hungry Hippo (sometimes they have baby hippos wandering around in their car park… We will definitely stop by next time!)

Anyway, we arrive in Naivasha, check into our home for the night and proceed to grab some grub. After dinner, we weighed the options and decided that even though we were massive fans of Fisherman’s Camp, the heavy downpour would best be enjoyed at an indoor location.

I then remembered that a friend mentioned a nightclub located within the luxurious Enashipai Resort. We chugged our drinks, hopped into the car raced to Enashipai.

The gentlemen at the gate directed us to the location of the club (the resort is spread out over five acres of land by lake Naivasha) We eventually stood in front of these interesting doors…

The Wave Naivasha Enashipai Akinyi Adongo

I apologize for the picture quality. It was an unexpected surprise so I did not have my Canon on me. Now, allow me to justify why I think The Wave is the best nightclub in Kenya. The club is nine months old.

1. Parking Space. 

This is an issue most people who venture out in Nairobi complain about a lot. There is usually lack of parking space at most of the popular venues. Well, at The Wave, it will take a lot to fully occupy all the parking spots on the five acres. 🙂

2. Club Entrance

With the exception of the newly reopened Florida Nightclub, no other club in Nairobi has a designated reception are where the guests are received. The Wave has one.

1 The Wave Naivasha Enashipai Akinyi Adongo

3. Space

There are some venues you will go to in Nairobi where you are seated and practically participating in your neighbours conversation because of how close you are to each other. The Wave has plenty of room for everyone. They also have “booths” where a couple of friends can easily gather around and sit.

2 The Wave Naivasha Enashipai Akinyi Adongo

Still on the space issue… They have high ceilings (which we like a lot) especially on the dancefloor and in the bathrooms. 

4. The Bar

There is a long bar from one end of the club to the other. Again, plenty of space. The other great thing about the bar area are the bar stools (especially for someone who has fallen off a bar stool sober before.) They are so comfortable!

7 The Wave Naivasha Enashipai Akinyi Adongo

5. The Sound System/Dancefloor

The resident Dj was kind enough to let me hang out in his uber-cool Dj booth. The first thing you notice is that the speakers are hung pretty high near the ceiling, but at the same time they are strategically placed so that the maximum sound impact is on the dancefloor. This is extremely important because as soon as you step off the dancefloor you can comfortably have a conversation in any part of the club without screaming at the top of your lungs over music.

6 The Wave Naivasha Enashipai Akinyi Adongo

6. The VIP Room

The VIP Room is located upstairs. You can actually walk into the venue and then proceed into the VIP section without going through the club. From here you can view the activities happening downstairs from the comfort of the lounge chairs.

3. The Wave Naivasha Enashipai Akinyi Adongo 4 The Wave Naivasha Enashipai Akinyi Adongo

7. The Prices

We had plenty of drinks. Upon asking for the bill, it was a third of what we would normally pay at some venues in Nairobi, which was a welcome surprise.

All in all, we had an excellent time and plan on heading down to Naivasha very soon! I am also adding The Wave to the list of cool places to hang out in Nairobi in 2015.