Dining In Nairobi: 1. Caramel Restaurant & Lounge

We had put the food club on hold for a while, until last week. What better location to kick off the monthly dinner plan other than at the Legendary Caramel Restaurant & Lounge, in ABC Place, Nairobi.

1 Caramel Akinyi Adongo

We had three options for the starter, four options for the main course, and two options for dessert. Allison took amazing care of us from the moment we walked in.

I opted for the Crispy Eggplant as my starter, having tried it before. I doubt eggplants have tasted this delicious before. Everyone who tried it loved it!

10 Caramel Akinyi Adongo


The other starter options were Seared Beef Carpaccio…..

11 Caramel Akinyi Adongo

…and the Caramel Veggie Roll…

9 Caramel Akinyi Adongo

Both of them are just as delightful. For the main course, I had the Herb Crusted Tuna Steak. It arrived as rare as I had requested it to be. In Africa, you generally have to request for rare or medium options, if you prefer it so, because meat and tuna are usually served well done.

12 Caramel Akinyi AdongoWhat I really like about this dish is the mashed potatoes which is prepared with wasabi. This gives it quite a kick. The wasabi is not overwhelming, which makes the combination work.

The other main course options were Truffled Penne Pasta…

15 Caramel Akinyi Adongo

Marinated Grilled Chicken…

14 Caramel Akinyi Adongo

Beef Bolognese…

16 Caramel Akinyi Adongo

The reviews of the above three options were also really good. Everybody was pleased with their choices.

And now for dessert… I had the Key Lime Pie, which has always been a favourite…

20 Caramel Akinyi Adongo

I did get a chance to taste the second dessert option which was the refreshing Sorbet.

22 Caramel Akinyi Adongo

The dinner was loads of fun and we got to make new friends. For more information on what more Caramel Lounge has to offer, have a look at their Facebook Page here.

We are already planning the next dinner gathering in July!

23 Caramel Akinyi Adongo


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