The Best Nine Course Meal of My Life… Thanks To The Wet Lounge, Nairobi

Yes, I have been called easy to please on several occasions, however, nothing prepared my gastrointestinal system for the Wet Lounge’s food tasting when I accepted Karima’s pleasant invitation.  The food tasting session was so divine that I had to find an excuse to do it again, hence Fabrizio and I found ourselves at Karima’s generous table again.. 🙂

I shall attempt to walk you through the culinary experience we had, even though I am acutely aware of the fact that my pictures and words do not do this experience half the justice it deserves. My dear reader, you simply must stop by the Wet Lounge and sample their delicacies, once their door open this weekend…..

Once we sat down, a fascinating set up was placed in front of us….

1. Wet Lounge Nairobi Akinyi Adongo

Upon closer inspection, the delicious looking pink thing turns out to be a Watermelon and Feta Cheese sandwich…(Yes, I did think it was raw tuna at first..)

2 Wet Lounge Nairobi Akinyi Adongo

And beneath it steaming up the wine glass is the Goat Cheese Walnut Samosa…

3 Wet Lounge Nairobi Akinyi Adongo

The two items combine and introduce us to the meal, the amuse bouche. The term is French, literally translated as “mouth amuser”.

As we were still savouring these initial flavours with our amused mouths, the second course was already on its way to us. This was the White Tomato Soup with Crisp Popian Prawn…

4 Wet Lounge Nairobi Akinyi Adongo 5 Wet Lounge Nairobi Akinyi Adongo

The crispy prawn went down very smoothly accompanied by the white tomato soup which had a distinctive spicy flavour.

Next up was one of my favourite vegetarian options, the Spinach and Almond Tikki. This comprised of Tamarind Sorbet (cold), Sweet Yoghurt and Nylon Sev (hot). Why was this one of my favourites? Because:

  1. The combination of hot and cold in different layers was genius and quite an amazing feat. Even as the cold sorbet sat on top of the hot core, it did not melt.. (I must speak to the Chef about the science behind this!)
  2. The layering of the different items resulted in a combination of different textures in your already salivating mouth (resulting in a harmonious orchestra which left you yearning for more..) I should stop there.. we still have more courses to go!

6 Wet Lounge Nairobi Akinyi Adongo 7 Wet Lounge Nairobi Akinyi Adongo

Halfway through I remembered to take a picture for you, my dear friends who missed out.. 🙂

8 Wet Lounge Nairobi Akinyi Adongo

Remember I mentioned that I had the pleasure of having this experience twice? Well, the next item was on the menu the first time (Which was in the evening hence the darker pictures..)

This was the Red Carpet Chicken. The presentation was pretty awesome. There was a chilli pipette which you could squeeze to discharge the contents onto the chicken. The chicken itself was sitting on cauliflower and saffron cream (Drool!) Everything was topped off with Pistachio dust….

15 Wet Lounge Nairobi Akinyi Adongo

By this time we were in a place where we were undergoing an overwhelming sensory response to everything we had just partaken of. In order to bring us back to the basics (and prepare us for what was coming) we had the Guava and Chilli Sorbet interlude…. Absolutely incredible!

9 Wet Lounge Nairobi Akinyi Adongo

After taking a stroll to the balcony of the lounge, comparing notes with fellow diners and letting the first couple of courses settle, we came back for more….and we definitely got it!

Coming up next was one of Fabrizio’s (and mine) favourites…OK, who am I kidding, I loved everything I tasted that day! Fabrizio was completely blown by the Chilli and Basil Lobster…

10 Wet Lounge Nairobi Akinyi Adongo

The lobster was sitting on Broccoli and Ginger Kichadi (an East Indian comfort food that features rice and lentils) The reason why this dish was so delightful was because it was a very vibrant twist to a traditional Indian meal (in this case, the Kichadi.)

The climax of this course was the dust topping made up of lobster reduction, cocoa and cinnamon dust and broccoli flour. Mind blowing.

11 Wet Lounge Nairobi Akinyi Adongo

Nope, we are not yet done!

The next plate to hit the table was the Slow Cooked Lamb Shank, served with Mushroom Upma and Coconut Vegetable Lemon Foam..

12 Wet Lounge Nairobi Akinyi Adongo

The lamb was so tender, to the point where it started melting as soon as it got to your mouth…

Eventually it was dessert time! On both occasions, there was a slight variation in dessert….

13 Wet Lounge Nairobi Akinyi Adongo 14 Wet Lounge Nairobi Akinyi Adongo

Think Chocolate Cigars (Chocolate spring roll) Chocolate Samosas (I had no idea this was possible!), White Chocolate and Rosemary Kulfi, Homemade Caramel ice cream… all the things a dessert lover cannot resist… 🙂

I definitely look forward to your feedback on the Wet Lounge’s outstanding menu!


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